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Fiscal Year Major events Major Achievements
1996 Established in Sagamihara, Kanagawa, as a trading company for fiber-optic components.  
1997 Changed to a stock company, as sales of optical couplers for FTTH increased.  
1998 Tama Branch Office established.  
1999 Hong Kong (Causeway Bay) and U.S. (Connecticut) subsidiaries established. ・Delivered digital video transport equipment for the coverage of the Okinawa Summit for the first digital broadcast in Japan.
2000 ・Received capital investment from venture capital (Global Venture Capital Inc.) for the first time.
・Received capital investment from Marubeni Corporation.
・Relocated Head Office to Hachioji (Minami-Osawa).
・Delivered digital video transport equipment for BS (Broadcast Satellite) digital uplink.
2002 Qualified as Type 2 Telecommunications Carrier. ・Delivered ATM video transport equipment for the coverage of Winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake City.
2003 Received capital investment from several venture capitals and financial institutions.  
2004 ・Embarked on business transformation from a trading company to a manufacturing company.
・Introduced the メHD x1000e/dモ IP Video Gateway with integrated CODEC.
・Delivered ATM video transport equipment for digital video transport network between U.S. and Japan for coverage of Major League Baseball, etc.
2005 ・Relocated Head Office to Shibuya, Tokyo.
・Received certification from Kanto Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry for participation in the "New Cooperation Plan."
・HD x1000 was used for high-definition video transport of imagery of the "Deep Impact Project" from the Subaru Telescope in Hawaii.
・HD x1000 was used at the Aichi Expo for real time coverage of events linking the venue and Beijing.
・Started delivery of Video over IP Gateways to TV Tokyo and other major TV networks for data broadcast service as part of terrestrial digital broadcast.
2006 ・Introduced a high-definition communication system which uses the new HD x1000 with JPEG2000 (JPEG2K) CODEC added. ・Exhibited HD x1000 at "TOKYO SHOWCASE" held in Dallas, Texas, which is a promotional event for high-tech manufacturing companies sponsored by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.
・HD x1000 was used for transport of high-definition video materials at the Winter Olympic Games in Turin.
・HD x1000 is actively deployed to cover poor TV reception areas across Japan.
2008 ・Co-developed Ultra-Compact, Ultra-Low Delay MPEG2 Encoder "HD c3000e" jointly with Fuji Television. ・Realized IP transmission of the terrestrial digital broadcast between Sapporo → Obihiro → Kushiro.
・Providing IP video transport equipment for digital video transport network for Toyako Summit.
・HD c3000e was used at SOUTHERN ALL STARS "Manatsu no Daikansha-sai" event.
2009 ・From the medium and small-sized business groups center society of the whole country, manufacturing medium and small-sized business development of products is adopted by the business plan for support subsidies (trial manufacture development a support business). ・Realize IP transmission of terrestrial digital broadcast between Naha → Miyako-jima Island .

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