Corporate Profile


Company Profile

1. Trade Name in Japanese SOGYO CO., LTD.
2. Company Name in English FRONTIERS CO., LTD.
3. Corporate Philosophy To be a true innovator who operates a "business of turning 0 into 1" in leading-edge technological fields (Frontiers), thereby contributing to the creation of a better society.
4. Description of Business Provision of high-definition communication systems by realtime transport of broadcast-quality video over IP networks.
5. Date of Incorporation July 25, 1996
6. Capital 203 million yen (as of September 1, 2009)
7. Location Shibuya Mark City W-22F
1-12-1, Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku
Tokyo 150-0043 Japan
Phone: +81-3-4360-5446
Fax: +81-3-4360-5301
8. Representative Hiroshi Tango (President)
9. Number of Employees 6
10. Main Customer
Japan Broadcasting Corporation, Fuji Television, TV TOKYO Corporation, Television Hokkaido Broadcasting Co.,Ltd., Aichi Television Broadcasting Co.,LTD., Television Osaka, Inc., TV-Setouchi Broadcasting Co., Ltd., TVQ Kyushu Broadcasting Co., Ltd., Asahi Broadcasting Corporation, WOWOW INC. 
Network Carriers

NHK Integrated Technology Inc., Broad Net Mux Corporation, SYSTEM5 Co. Ltd. etc.

FURUKAWA ELECTRIC CO., LTD., OKANO ELECTRIC WIRE Co.,Ltd., Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd., Sumiden Opcom,Ltd., Hitachi Ltd., OCC Corporation, NTT Electronics Corporation
11. Affiliations TAMA Industrial Vitalization Association Inc.
Hachioji Council for Promotion of Metropolitan IT Industry Special Zone (Cyber Silkroad Hachioji)

Origin of Frontiers' logo mark

In September 1998, a large wooden coffin shaped like a ship bottom was discovered from the grave of a tribal chief in Tango area, north of Kyoto, which was built in the third century. A lot of burial goods were excavated that had not been found elsewhere from that era, including 11 iron swords, 13 unique oval bracelets made of copper, 270 jasper tubular ornaments, and curved beads made of glass ("Magatama"). Among these, what especially attracted attention was a bracelet made of cobalt blue glass ("Glass Kushiro"), which was discovered in Japan for the first time in complete form.

Again, in October 2000, a gorgeous head decoration made with more than 200 pieces of glassware was excavated from this region. These discoveries revealed that there existed a powerful kingdom in the region that had a large influence on production, fabrication and distribution of glass, iron and copper, which were advanced technological products at that time, and that the kingdom had prospered from large-scale trading with China, Korea, northern Kyushu, etc., by pioneering the Sea of Japan coast route.

The Tango region is the birthplace of the clan of Hiroshi Tango, the founder of Frontiers. As a tribute to the great accomplishment of the ancestors and to follow their example, we selected the shape of Glass Kushiro as the symbol of creation of a new business network. For the symbol color, we selected the color of red soil ("Tan" color), taken from the energy of the earth, which is the meaning of the character "Tan" in Tango.

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