Product Information


Product Information

Product Name: JPEG2000-compliant HD x1000

Partner: Frontiers Co.

Frontiers JPEG2000-compliant HD x1000 is a highly functional video over IP gateway with internal CODEC, which is capable of MPEG2 compression and HD/SDI coversion up to 160Mbps for transport of HD video material. By complying with JPEG2000 externally, a diverse range of video can be transported with one model. Frontiers HD x1000e/d is a strategic product that is used in combination with international 60Mpbs ASI line service provided by communications carriers who have established partnerships with Frontiers, for services connecting venues around the world.


Category/Function Video transport equipment,IP transport
Solution Solutions for remote education
Solutions for remote medicine
Want to hold video conference
Want to transport JPEG2000 video over IP
Want to transport video in H.264
Want to transport broadcast-spec High Definition (HD) video
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