Product Information


Product Information

Product Name: ultra-low delay IP gateway with CODEC "HD x3000"

Partner: Frontiers Co.

The “HD x3000” is a new addition to the “HD x1000 Series,” QoS Video-over-IP equipment which integrates HD CODEC and IP Gateway for IP transport of high definition (HD) video materials. The “HD x3000” is capable of transporting MPEG-2 HD video with ultra-low delay of 28msec (min.) + circuit delay.

・28msec delay (min.) + circuit delay
・Delay of one frame or less
・Ultra-low delay that is not discernible to the naked eye

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Introduction of mechanism(PDF)

Category/Function Video transport equipment,IP transport
Solution Solutions for remote education
Solutions for remote medicine
Want to hold video conference
Want to transport MPEG video with ultra-low delay
Want to transport professional/business-spec HD video
Want to transport broadcast-spec High Definition (HD) video
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