Product Information


Product Information

Product Name: HLD 1000 - Hyper Low Delay MPEG-2 encoder/decoder -

Partner: IBEX Technology Co.

HLD 1000, an ultra-low delay MPEG-2 Encoder/Decoder Units from IBEX, is an advanced CODEC which applies proprietary algorithm processing to MPEG-2 encoding architecture for low-delay, high-quality IP transport of HD video material. The HDL1000 has achieved an ultra-low delay of 8msec in the encoder and the decoder. It supports HD-SDI/SD-SDI for video interface and DVB-ASI for stream transmission. An optional IP Stream Transmission Unit is also available for transmission over Ethernet.


Category/Function Video transport equipment,Other
Solution Want to transport broadcast-spec High Definition (HD) video
Want to transport MPEG video with ultra-low delay
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