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(Dempa Shimbun, June 23, 2004)

Kandenko exhibits technology and service for broadband networks, including digital head end device

With "Possibility of NETWORK" as the theme, Kandenko will propose network systems from a comprehensive point of view, integrating all elements from planning to construction and maintenance. Kandenko Groupユs commitment to further digitalization and the technologies and services to realize broadband networks will be demonstrated through visitor participation booths and exhibition of equipment.

Products and services on exhibit will include the following:
(1) Digital head end device
(2) Sewage fiber laying method
(3) Remote monitoring system, I-EYE Net
(4) NET SAVEユs network monitoring service
(5) Video over IP transmission system

 As terrestrial digital broadcasts begin, following CS digital and BS digital, CATV operators cannot avoid the wave of digitalization. At this exhibition, Kandenko will exhibit a terrestrial digital head end device and equipment for access program insertion as examples of installation. Kandenko also offers various other solutions, as they have experience in installation of MUX head end and equipment for access program reception.

 The sewage fiber laying method, which Kandenko publicized extensively last year, is now being considered as a medium for building fiber-optic networks, in addition to conventional telephone poles and buried lines. By utilizing the sewage environment, construction period can be shortened and construction cost can be reduced. The method has been employed by municipal governments, and Kandenko will propose the method to CATV operators as a new alternative.

Another new product to be exhibited is the "video over IP transmission system," which transmits high definition, uncompressed video material while retaining high quality. At the booth, video image of a Space Shuttle launch by NASA will be shown in high definition, transported through a simulated transmission environment using the IP network.

The services of NET SAVE Co. will also be exhibited, which has won the trust of CATV operators as a "total maintenance and support company." Actual operation will be demonstrated, connecting between the network monitoring center and the call center.


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